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by mikoy
20 Oct 2018, 21:12
Forum: Super SD System 3 Tech Support
Topic: No jailbar fix for SDSystem3
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No jailbar fix for SDSystem3

I use to get jailbars with the original 100v japanese power supply, using a step down voltage regulator from 120v. I replaced the power supply with a sega 3025, Input 120v 60hz, Ouput 9v DC 1A. (see pic below) I swear no jailbars on my Sony PVM 14L5
by mikoy
08 Oct 2018, 03:50
Forum: NEOSD and NEOSD Pro General Discussion
Topic: Neo SD Pro feature request (PICKnMIX)
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Neo SD Pro feature request (PICKnMIX)

Can you implement something similar to the Unibios PICKnMIX that will use the high speed ram for fast loads? Have it cycle through games like an original MVS multislot hardware and implement a Popup Game List. Better yet, rather than reinventing the wheel. Have a collaboration with unibios to enable...