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by RCross1
22 Nov 2019, 18:27
Forum: MegaSD Discussion
Topic: MegaSD FAQ (Questions and Troubleshooting)
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Re: MegaSD FAQ (Questions and Troubleshooting)

Can you post the checksums (md5) of the recommended BIO files that work with this system? I've tried these (as recommended by Retropie), but the Japanese one isn't recognised by the Mega-SD. e66fa1dc5820d254611fdcdba0662372 eu_mcd1_9210.bin bdeb4c47da613946d422d97d98b21cda jp_mcd1_9112.bin 2efd74e32...
by RCross1
22 Nov 2019, 16:35
Forum: MegaSD Discussion
Topic: Cannot get Sega-CD games to load.
Replies: 2
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Cannot get Sega-CD games to load.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I've got separate folders for each game, with a .bin and .cue file in each. These are games that run fine under Retropie/EmulationStation. When I load one, I just get the Sega-CD asking me to press "Start". Pressing "Start" takes me to a CD player screen. If I try ...
by RCross1
03 Nov 2019, 08:01
Forum: Feedback and Suggestions
Topic: How long does it take an order to ship?
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Re: How long does it take an order to ship?

What’s the current status on this? Availability on the website says “In Stock”, but I placed an order 7 days ago and the order status is still at “payment accepted” and I’ve heard nothing from Terraonion.

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