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by Reecetafarian
23 Jul 2020, 01:53
Forum: MODE Discussion
Topic: Firmware for MODE not showing up.
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Firmware for MODE not showing up.

Hi just received my mode. Getting ready to install it in my Saturn. I have registered my serial number to download the firmware but the download page is coming up blank. No firmware
by Reecetafarian
30 Jun 2020, 19:23
Forum: MODE Discussion
Topic: CROC Saturn "no head glitch"
Replies: 5
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CROC Saturn "no head glitch"

Hi just wondering if the mode has a fix for the infamous "no head" glitch in CROC on the Saturn? The game had a unique glitch if you powered on the system with the disc in the system. CROC'S head would disappear as well as a number of other odd visual glitches making the game difficult to play. I be...
by Reecetafarian
06 Sep 2019, 03:09
Forum: MegaSD Discussion
Topic: All shipping related issues READ THIS!!!
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Re: All shipping related issues READ THIS!!!

After almost a month sitting in customs my tracking number is now active!!! :D However I live in Australia so we'll see how much longer it takes to get here. Im expecting 2-3 weeks more. From what I understand I shouldn't have to pay any more fees. Can anyone confirm this?

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