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by ginoscope
20 Dec 2019, 16:58
Forum: MegaSD Discussion
Topic: Would really like to play Shining Force CD, but...
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Re: Would really like to play Shining Force CD, but...

I can confirm that the beta firmware did double the storage size as expected. I have still not had a chance to play Shining Force CD but the memory available looks correct. I tested a few games and every time the memory showed a little over 500 available.
by ginoscope
18 Dec 2019, 14:55
Forum: MegaSD Discussion
Topic: Mapper compatiblity
Replies: 5
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Re: Mapper compatiblity

I actually tested this game when I got my mega sd and it works great. The game does not reset and it allows you to save the game.
by ginoscope
16 Dec 2019, 21:07
Forum: MegaSD Discussion
Topic: Buzzing Noise when loading?
Replies: 4
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Re: Buzzing Noise when loading?

I was noticing buzzing noise when I first got my mega sd as well. My issue was I was using a genesis 3 power supply with my genesis 2. Once I switched to the oem supply for the genesis 2 the buzzing went away. I just figured I would post on here in case it can help anyone out who may have a similar ...
by ginoscope
15 Aug 2019, 16:26
Forum: MegaSD Discussion
Topic: Does Mega SD work as Mega CD RAM-backup cart?
Replies: 8
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Re: Does Mega SD work as Mega CD RAM-backup cart?

I am curious about this to as well. I have a JVC X'Eye that I know does not work with the mega sd but functions as a flash cart. If the Mega SD works as a back up ram cart I can just use the mega sd to replace my mega everdrive as a cd ram cart. I know it sounds redundant to use the actual cd hardwa...
by ginoscope
12 Feb 2019, 14:41
Forum: Super SD System 3 Discussion
Topic: New Board Revision with FBX & FU-RGB Fixes?
Replies: 51
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Re: New Board Revision with FBX & FU-RGB Fixes?

I just recently picked up a SSDS3 and I been very happy with it. I own the NeoSD on the AES and was very happy with that product. I also waited until recently to pick up the SSDS3 because of all the talk. I am glad I did because it is great. I am a long time turbo collector so having it all in one p...

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